Hollow Bones Zen

Five Training Elements

Sacred Stewardship
What is sacred stewardship? What does this stewardship include? How am I as an individual fulfilling my commitment to stewardship, and am I acting with integrity in this chosen responsibility? How do the patterns of my consumption affect the earth and environment I live within? On what do I spend my energy and money? How does stewardship relate to community? Does a good steward have an organic standard? Do I take a stand? If so, where?

Philosophical and Cognitive Re-indoctrination
How do I, as a contemplative being who seeks to understand and walk in conscious spirituality, think differently? What are the core statements about spirit and consciousness that I base my thinking upon? What story do I tell myself and others about the deepest qualities of spirit, and how does this story influence behavior in my life? Do I choose the clarity of wisdom and non-judgmental awareness and the warmth of compassion over self-righteousness and selfishness? Am I willing to change my mind?

Emotional Maturity and Integrity
Am I capable of experiencing the deeper feelings of fear, sadness, grief and compassion which underlie my normal conditioned reactions of anger and shame ? Am I then willing to choose to respond from the truth of compassion that this deeper realization brings forth? Do I realize that I choose my reactions to feelings, and am I willing to make other choices? Am I willing to stay mindful and watch a negative reaction like anger or shame manifest, and then skillfully and compassionately choose another response? Do I realize the angst of negative emotional reactions as liberating Emotional Koans, and embrace these opportunities for Mondo Zen transformational practice? Am I willing to enter into transformational awareness and actually change the way I react and feel?

Conscious Embodiment
Am I comfortable and at ease in my body? Am I fit and ready to respond as a warrior who might need to defend his/her family? Do I delight in this body enough to give a dance performance at the drop of a hat? Is it necessary to have a conscious embodiment practice to remain physically aware and fit?

Genuine Insight
Have I tasted the pure, sweet truth of the Divinity within myself? Do I consider my personal insight and self-realization adequate? Have I experienced the freedom that is promised and offered by all of the contemplative traditions? Where could the kingdom of heaven really lie if not within me?


Mondo Zen™

“Let me state this as strongly as I can: the Mondo Zen™ Process founded by Zen Master JunPo Denis Kelly provides a profound and effective method of seeing one’s True Nature, greatly accelerating the process of waking up.  Using integral, linguistic tools and leading questions it helps induce profound state experiences.  Once we have directly experienced our True Nature, the Emotional Koan practice of Mondo Zen helps us bring these profound states directly into one’s life and relationships in a profoundly fierce and compassionate way embracing both waking up and growing up.”
-Ken Wilber

Mondo Zen™ is a modern interpretation of the ancient teaching of Chinese and Japanese koan training. It has been updated for our modern culture and more complex psychological nature. JunPo in his own words has, “kept the baby (the essence of Zen) and thrown out the dirty bath water (all the Japanese trappings).

As Zen has moved from India to China to Korea to Japan and now to the West, it has always adapted to the culture and environment in which it lands and takes root. Mondo Zen is such an adaptation, and a most effective way to bring this ancient wisdom into these interesting times.