Do you think that your precious ego is going to be reborn in another body?  Do you think you have an eternal soul that will live forever?  Be very careful what you think because we tend to believe what we think, and our beliefs are the very things that block our insights.

If you believe that you will have another chance in another lifetime, it is quite likely that you will squander the precious opportunity you have to wake up in this lifetime.  This belief may block the insight that this very life in this very body is sacred and precious; it is not to be wasted.  May block the insight that you must give up everything in order to be alive now in this life, in this present moment.  This is serious business, this waking up.  Don’t squander the precious opportunity you have been given.

Do you want to see reincarnation?  Look into the eyes of the children and grand children.  Look at how the karma that we create affects the children and will affect their children.

For example, look at anger and notice how big, adult anger can impact a child.  Notice the reactions to anger.  In the face of adult anger, is there room for a child’s anger?  Is there room for a child’s voice if an adult’s voice fills the room?  Is there fertile soil for a young, healthy voice to grow, for a boundary setter to grow?  Is the child free to say no or is the fragile little ego function of setting healthy boundaries squashed?  Can you see all this? Can you see the streams of karma that we create, which will survive our death, and extend into future generations?

Is your insight deep enough?  Have you acquired enough clarity and wisdom? If not, then get serious and deepen your meditative practice; sit down, be still, and don’t move again and again until clarity comes and you can finally see it.  Deepening your meditative practice in this precious body-mind, in this lifetime is serious business.  It is a matter life and death.  The more we practice meditation, the more positive karma we create for our selves, our children and our grandchildren.

Which will you choose: life or death? When?