Integral Zen, Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt religious organization. We are a branch church of the Hollow Bones Order of Rinzai Zen. We are affiliated with Collaborative Zen, Inc. which is a for-profit corporation formed primarily to provide a “right livelihood” for Integral Zen Teachers. All of the profits of Collaborative Zen, Inc. are used to financially support the Teachers and the Integral Zen Organization itself.

In the postmodern culture of the western world, we have found that when we charge for the Dharma, it inevitably becomes a business. When it becomes a business, then the business inevitably becomes more important than the Dharma. We have also found that if we don’t charge for something then the teachers are not able to make a living. To meet this challenge we have created two independent organizations, one a nonprofit religious organization to support the Dharma, and the other a for-profit corporation to support the Teachers. Integral Zen, Inc. and all the work we do, is supported solely by your generous donations. Collaborative Zen, Inc. is a for-profit corporation which charges fees for services.